Lou Kapcsándy


Lou was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.  He barely escaped to Austria after the Soviet Army brutally crushed the 1956 Hungarian revolution.  He had no choice but to leave his entire family behind.  From Austria he came as a refugee into Camp Killmer, NJ on December 31, 1956 and spent 14 weeks behind a barbed wire fenced US Army base while he waited for a sponsor to be legally admitted into the USA.  He had no money and did not speak a word of English.

A kind family from the Bronx, NY sponsored him and helped him get a job working overnight in a bakery so that he can attend the Polytechnic Institutue of Brooklyn during the day to get his Chemical Engineering degree converted.  Brooklyn Poly helped him to get his first job with Union Carbide Chemicals in NYC.

A pretty rough beginning for someone who played premier league soccer and was a member of the Hungarian National Soccer team.

Life became even more interesting.  In 1959 after applying for his first residency in the US, he was promptly drafted into the US Army without being a citizen and barely speaking English.  He served 2-1/2 years in the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, N.C.  Later, he played professional football with the AFL San Diego Chargers before starting his business career.

Lou spent the next 15 years in the petroleum and pharmaceuticals process engineering and design fields.  After which, for over 18 years, he headed up Baugh Enterprises, Inc. one of the largest commercial - industrial general contractors in the US, headquartered in Seattle.

After retiring from Baugh in 2003 he and his wife Roberta (affectionately called Bobbie) moved to their vineyard and winery property in Yountville, the tiny hamlet in Napa Valley, California.

Lou partners with his son Louis, Jr., with hands on active every day responsibilities for strategic planning and general management of the vineyard and winery.  Lou and Louis are also critical members of the blending panel with Tony Arcudi, their consulting winemaker.  Lou approves every single final blend, especially Roberta's Reserve, named for his adoring wife, Bobbie.

From 1999-2009, Lou also partnered and implemented all the strategic planning and general management of, Grand Cru Imports LLC, which specialized in importing and distributing wines from Bordeaux, Tokaj (Hungary), and Ribera del Duero.