Winemaking Philosophy


To consistently produce wines of “First Growth” or "Grand Cru" quality of any region or winery in the world.

Wine Making Style

We are long-term Francophiles, yet never lose sight of the fact that we grow wine grapes east of the epicurean town of Yountville, on the floor of world-renowned Napa Valley.

Kapcsandy Family State Lane Vineyard is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot (often referred to as “Bordeaux” varietals).  Stylistically, we have more in common with a top Pauillac in the case of our Cabernet Sauvignon-Grand Vin and Pomerol for our Roberta’s Reserve.  We continue to be inspired by many high-quality wines produced around the world.

Four flagship wines are produced:  Cabernet Sauvignon-Grand Vin, Roberta’s Reserve, Rapszodia and the Estate Cuvee.  We also produce a special selection red wine named “Endre,” a dry Rose and a Port-style desert wine, “Vino del Sol.”

Each wine is distinctly different and unique and one cannot imagine that 100% of the grapes used come from the same contiguous vineyard at State Lane in Yountville in the heart of Napa Valley, CA.

Grape Selection & Hygiene

We designed and use a combination of precision grape sorting equipment with intense hands-on labor.  Whole grape berries (resembling ripe blueberries), once they pass a series of checks, are then transferred to stainless-steel tanks for fermentation.  Stems, leaves and all dehydrated berries are removed and discarded.

We are proud to employ one of the most hygienic operations in our fermentation room and barrel aging cellars in the wine industry.  We use a minimum of chemicals and are fanatical regarding hygiene and the removal of any bacterial agents in and around the winery.  Our resulting wines are a testimony to this dedication.