Tony Arcudi

Consulting Winemaker

In his first career path, Arcudi spent 20 years working in computer-related fields, first as a missile navigation engineer aboard Navy submarines and later as a product manager for IBM. Consumed by passion for wine, he left the security of his well-established career, good network and proven track record, packed up his car, and drove to California. This major life change paid off and he ended embarking on a world class wine career.

After graduating from UC Davis Tony was also trained in France at Masion M. Chapoutier. Recalling his experience, “Chapoutier has more than 200 years of winegrowing knowledge that has been passed down and distilled through each winemaker. Their comprehension of the vineyards really made a deep impression on me.”

Returning to Napa Valley, he was as assistant winemaker at Nickel & Nickel in Oakville, a perfect place to hone his skills. “Working with 25 single-vineyard wines from Napa and Sonoma appellations was an intensive education on how the nuances of growing sites reveal themselves in the resulting wine.”

In 2009, Tony met renowned winemaker Heidi Peterson Barrett at a conference. “Our first conversation was about the submarine service,” Arcudi recalls, “given my background and the fact that her father-in-law and his brother had both been in the sub service.” They have been working together making wine ever since.

From his experience both in France and in Napa Valley, Arcudi was able to refine his vision: seek out select sites from which to make vineyard-designated Cabernets that expressed the personality of the site.

Kapcsandy Family Winery is excited to bring Tony Arcudi into the winemaking team. His life has uncanny parallels to the Kapcsandy’s, from Lou’s engineering background, Louis’s training in France, to their desire to cultivate vineyard-designated wines that truly express the personality of the State Lane Vineyard.