Vineyard & Winemaking

One Vineyard, Four Flagship Wines

Our inspiration to produce world-class wines blossomed after years of enjoying not only exceptional Bordeaux wines but many legendary examples from Napa Valley.  From day one our dedication in crafting our wines was to rival the best of Bordeaux, and produce compelling wines of the highest caliber in every vintage.  Kapcsándy wines capture a true sense of place from one of the finest terroirs in the world.  With 20 vintages to our credit, we are intimately aware of how singular Napa Valley wine can be, and of the constant challenge to produce wines of character and elegance.

Our vineyard management and winemaking practices allow us to achieve lower-alcohol wines, without sacrificing any richness or depth.  The ultimate goal is balance and longevity.  Our winery was designed with the sole purpose of allowing optimum hygiene and temperature control.

Our fermentation protocols are a combination of classic savior faire and proven modern methods.  We are dedicated to constantly improving our practices to achieve exceptional results with every single bottle.

From the inception, both Lou and Louis Jr. were intimately involved in every decision – from vineyard management to harvest, fermentation, barrel selection and bottling.  Since Lou’s passing in 2021, Louis Jr. continues the devotion to produce Kapcsándy wines from only the fruit grown on our 20-acre estate.  As of 2024, 25% of the original plantings from 2002 are being replanted to improve quality with clonal selections better suited to our soils.  Since 2016,

Anthony Arcudi is our winemaking consultant, having come to our attention by recommendation of Heidi Peterson Barrett, Napa’s “First Lady of Wine.” 

In our fermentation room and barrel-aging cellars, we are fanatical about hygiene and neutralize any harmful bacterial agents with the minimum use of chemicals, opting instead to use natural solvents.  Our entire portfolio of wines is 100% estate-grown and each bottle is designated ‘State Lane Vineyard,’ on the label.  However, each of our wines is distinctly unique.  Noted critic Robert Parker, Jr. once commented that “it’s mind-boggling that these wines all originate from the same contiguous vineyard.”

Natural and Sustainable

We’re proud to use sustainable practices in both our vineyards and our winery. Nesting boxes, perch poles, and songbird houses attract birds of prey and other species – a natural form of pest control. We add compost to our soils to improve water circulation, and natural fertilizers to supply beneficial bacteria, photo nutrients, and trace elements. Cover crops planted between rows add nutrients, control vine growth, attract beneficial insects and prevent erosion. In addition, our winery and residence are 100 percent solar-powered and the excess electricity we produce is returned back to the electrical grid.

Aerial View of State Line Vineyard